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Lucky Fabb Conference / Part 2

February 15, 2011

Here is the second part of my Lucky FABB Conference wrap up! WOOT. First off, the outfit. This baby has been sitting in my closet since the fall. I wore it once and then had it dry cleaned and forgotten all about it. But it was ready to come out and play. I wanted to wear something that had a little professional edge but still spunky. Hello Leopard. In my mad rush to pack, I only packed the dress, belt and shoes and knew it needed something else. Since I was staying with Christine, I knew we could search her closet for the perfect finishing touch. She pulled out this vest and it was an instant success! Simple and Classic, just my style! Scroll down for more shots from the day.

While shooting outside, a wave of fur and life walked by, OMG Joan Rivers! She was just darling about letting us take a photo with her and also told us we were nuts that we didn’t have coats on. TRUE STORY JOAN. Pictured are me, Christine and Audrey.

I got to meet Beth’s friend Laurel who took lots of amazing photos throughout the day and was nice enough to share them with us ladies! Here is Beth, Laurel, and Lauren looking adorable at the tables ready for the next speaker.

tweet tweet time with Taylor

lots of fun and play time with Beth!

At the conference there were a few rooms set up with things to check out. I LOVED the converse room. These are what I lusted after.

Priscilla Ahn serenaded us at the cocktail hour after the conference was over.

I always have fun chatting with darling Claire and this time, it was over cookies. NOM.

I was also SUPER stoked to finally meet Christina from Profresh Style. Hello giant hug. I think I almost took her down. HAHAHA. AMAZING to finally meet her.

Thank you again to Lucky for having me and being surrounded by so many wonderful woman (and gents) !!

[dress + belt: zara / vest: f21 borrowed from Christine / shoes: oaknyc / ring: c/o Jo]
Big thanks to Laurel for photos 6,7,8,9,10, +18

Lucky Fabb Conference / Part 1

February 11, 2011

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure to attend the Lucky Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference. The lovely ladies of Lucky made sure that I was able to attend! (Thanks Again!) It was an early rise for me and my beloved Christine. We cabbed over in the frigid weather and were at the conference bright an early enough to enjoy breakfast there. It turned into an instant hug fest as I met girls that I have been waiting a long time to squeeze!! Taylor of Sterling Style was one of these ladies. We have been talking for so long and my face just lit up when I saw her! Or course it turned into a mini photo fest sitting on this odd shaped swing. HOW freaking cute is she??? LOVE this girl SO much.

Of course I got to see the lovely Jessica of What I Wore who was head to toe in bright and fun colors. I love seeing this girl because we are always laughing and dancing and having a BALL! Glad to have her in NYC this week :))  I also finally got to meet darling Texan Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly. She was just as sweet and gorgeous in person! So down to earth and cute to boot. I was loving her hat!

And then there was Beth. Beth of B.Jones Style is definitely one of my style icons. I gave her a giant hug and we chatted about all things Carrie Bradshaw. We are definitely Carrie Bradshaw Soul Sisters. (Just saying. HAHA) I also ended up giving her a little belt tying tutorial. HA! Sharing all things fun and fashionable. She was incredibly warm and so fun to talk to! I wish I was able to stay in NYC longer to hang out with all these amazing woman.

The conference itself was very professional and well put together. Everything flowed so smoothly. Brandon Holley, the Editor of Lucky Magazine, did a great job moderating alot of the panels. She was bubbly, and so passionate about this event and being able to connect with bloggers. Brandon, we felt the love. Below left is Brandon kicking things off and to the right is petite little Tory Burch all smiles after her panel. She said that she loves twitter because of it’s “direct market feedback.” She talked about feeling strongly about supporting woman in business. She also stressed us to have a unique focused point of view when it came to blogging. This was a big underlying theme throughout the day.

Joan Rivers spoke around lunchtime and was incredibly insightful and inspiring. She had some great words of wisdom for us. She talked alot about the struggles she went through in her career and what is was like to step out and work for herself. “It’s very scary. But take a chance. You regret what you didn’t do.” And she is so right! Her panel was filled with laughter, crying, and of course some choice language (oh Joan ;)). She encouraged us to plow full steam ahead but to remember while going through this blogging business to, “never shut the door, always leave it a little open.”

Another noteworthy speaker was the stunning Jenna Lyons. In a room full of fashion and beauty bloggers, it was like The Beatles just walked in. All our jaws dropped at her eloquent speech as she talked about being inspired by visual art and walking the Moma to get ideas. She stressed that both talent and communication is a key to success. She also stressed that her success was not attributed to just her, but was a product of collaboration of her talented team. Just goes to show, surround yourself with the people you love and respect. Christine and I waiting in line to get a photo with her! I of course asked her where her glasses were from since I am blind as a bat and wear contacts/glasses and she thought they were Philip Lim. OH so chic.

Hope that I was able to give you guys a glimpse into the conference! Stay tuned for Part 2 with more fun photos from the day and a full outfit breakdown.

Photos 1+2 are courtesy of the Lucky Fabb Conference / Photo 4 courtesy of Jessica

Snow Leopard

February 9, 2011

Let’s time travel back to my trip to the beaches of Long Island with Morgan. I know I took a little hiatus of posting about it but we are back! This was my last day there and it was cold as ever! We had a long drive ahead of us so I wanted to wear something casual for the car ride and still cute for when we would stop to shop. I had been dying to wear this new leopard cardi. I feel like it’s going to be a great layering piece in all it’s patterned glory. Of course I rocked the top knot for fuss free hair and kept my gloves on to keep my fingers warm. I love the drama in these photos with the vast amount of snow around me! After taking some outfit shots, we jumped in the car and headed back to NYC. We stopped off at one of Morgan’s favorite coffee shops in the hamptons and I stocked up on Tates Chocolate chop cookies. Did I mention that I love road trips? I think living in a city makes you appreciate the convenience of a car I these circumstances. We finally made it back to NYC and then scarfed down some pizza and reluctantly headed back to Philly. I get so sad when I leave New York! But, there is nothing like the feeling of coming home!

Jumping leap ode to my dancing days 🙂

[cardigan: c/o urban1972 / dress: AA / leggings: ardenb / boots: calvin klein /
shades: marc jacobs c/o shopbop / necklace: ludlow / belt: h&m]

I can’t wait to share all about the Lucky FABB conference with you all shortly! If anyone has any photos that I might like, don’t hesitate to email them over to me 🙂


Sunday Funday

February 7, 2011

This past weekend was a wave of relaxation. And much needed. I spent it home watching lots of movies and catching up on a million cooking shows. Sometimes you just need a lazy weekend to recharge. Sunday was also great. Brian and I did some shopping in the Italian market and got some fresh air. I wanted to be comfortable and enjoy the slightly warmer weather with a lighter coat! I immediately reached for my madewell sweat pants. The only sweat pants I would leave the house in. It was a nice treat to be able to get away with wearing my leather jacket rather than a big puffer coat. I’m soaking it in because apparently the snow is coming again this week. I’ll believe it when I see it 😉 I am actually super excited because today I will be heading to NYC to attend the Lucky Blogger Conference! I’ll be bunking up with my lovely friend Christine awaiting a day filled with new and old friends!!! I can’t wait!! So excited to see everyone there. Man I love fashion week.

[jacket: c/o urban1972 / tops: h&m / pants: madewell / boots: zara /
necklace: c/o marc jacobs shopittome]

Sugar and Spice

February 4, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading to NYC for the night to go check out Blue Stripe PR’s Blogger Open House Event. It’s always so nice that NYC is just a hop and a skip away from Philly. Of course I also went to meet up with some of my fav girls Keiko, Audrey and Claire.

The event was great. I got to meet up with Laney a lovely Blue Stripe Gal and talk about their company, fashion, and NY living. She showed us around and introduced me to Porter Grey. Hello, I’m in love. Porter Grey is a sister design team who’s pieces have such modern and clean lines. They also had a bunch of other samples from other designers as well. We chatted while munching on all types of sweets and sipping on champagne. At the end of the night, they surprised us by offering us to pick out a pair of shoes from 80%20. Can’t wait to style up the pair I picked out! Let’s just say they are some sweet brown wedges. All in all it was an amazing night of mingling. No sooner was I there that I hopped in a cab to leave for the bus again. Bye bye NYC. For now 😉 Ill be back next week for the Lucky Blogging Conference which I am SOOOO SO excited to meet lots of new faces. Hope everyone rests up this weekend. It’s going to be a CRAZY week!

I was OBSESSED with this Porter Grey leather dress on the left.

Some pieces that Audrey loved. And how cute is she??? We were ladies in red!

Such cute ladies. Love these girls!

Now onto the outfit. So I was very much inspired by the LOVELY B.Jones Style on this one. Once I saw these red pants I knew I wanted to pay tribute to her use of bold colors. Hope I can do it some justice! I love the simplicity of how it came out.

[blouse + pants: zara / shoes: steve madden / belt: h&m / purse: marc jacobs c/o shopbop]

Wrapped in Warmth

February 3, 2011

Philadelphia is still heavily snow covered this week. It’s slowly melting away. I am very glad that the groundhog predicted an early spring or I would have to have a few words with him. I don’t know about anybody else, but sometimes, in the dead of winter, you lose all will to get dressed in the morning and would rather reach for a sleeping bag to wear to work, with a hat and scare of course. Since that wouldn’t be very appropriate, or comfortable, when I received this jacket from Lulu’s I almost let our a cry of happiness. It’s the perfect piece to wrap myself up in. Move over sleeping bag, this girl is getting dressed today! I would also love to welcome Lulu’s as eat.sleep.wear.’s newest sponsor. Welcome Welcome! Because of the weather, I have also been wearing boots almost every day so I don’t go slip sliding down the street. Good thing I stocked up over the last few months! I can never get enough of this pair either. Money well spent. I am super excited to be heading to NYC for a fun blogger event tonight. Can’t wait to hang with some more lovely ladies and of course I will share my travels with you!

[jacket: c/o Lulu’s / top: c/o urban1972 / jeans: c/o james jeans / necklace: f21 /
boots: steve madden]

Bee’s Knees

February 1, 2011

Better late than never right?!? Man oh man have I been a busy lady. Today, I continue my sock obsession with these American Apparel knee highs. I love how socks or tights can really change the feel of an outfit. I received this pair of flats from Scarpasa and wanted to incorporate them in my knee high look. Black flats are such a staple to remix into what I already have. I was super impressed by the quality of the shoe itself which will bode well for all my city walking. I was also pumped to wear my glorious juicy dress and reminisce about the chictopia conference and the amazing after party that Juicy sponsored. I still get giggly when I think of that night! Just a reminder of what great opportunities and experiences blogging has been able to show me. Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

[dress: c/o juicy couture / thigh highs: AA / shoes: c/o scarpasa
shades: marc jacobs c/o shopbop / jewels: clydes rebirth]

Betty Crocker Sunday

January 28, 2011

Last Sunday I spent the day with the lovely Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage. Lucky to have this girl live so close! We had the best girl’s day imaginable. We baked strawberry shortcakes, watched sex and the city, played with her adorable puppies, and then I gave her a makeup makeover! Sometimes, simple things are the best things. We had so much fun being girly and just hanging out. She also lent me a vintage find of hers to style up so stay tuned for that. I hope everyone has a great weekend!! I am about to be invaded by house guests (I AM SO EXCITED) for a weekend of celebration for Brian’s birthday. Philly, please clear your streets. My friends are coming!!

[top + socks: madewell / blouse + ring: h&m / jeans: bdg / oxfords: c/o wanted]

Wanted was kind enough to send me this pair of oxfords which I am kind of in love with. They are navy blue and seem to jazz up any outfit. I was also excited to layer up this madewell red shirt that I scored for 11 bucks on sale! It’s a great classic piece to layer up when its this cold out.

I threw on Veronika luxurious jacket while I took her photos and she snapped this one off.

And here is our tasty dessert!

outfit photos by Veronika + her hubs / food photos by me

Weekend by the Beach / Part 3

January 26, 2011

So! I am back with more photos from my weekend at the beach. This day, we spent most of the day outdoors. Morgan took us to many of her favorite places and it really gives me a good feel for how she grew up, and why we share so many similarities and get along so well. As much as I am a city girl, I love being outside and surrounded by the sounds, smells, and sights of nature. Even though I didn’t grow up living near the ocean, I have always somehow felt very connected to it. A walk on the sand is all it takes to come to complete relaxation for me. Ok! Enough blabbering on about how much I love this place. On to the outfit! The cold only got more so as we stayed that weekend. So  I was looking for sheer warmth and something walkable for during the day. Morgan let me borrow her super soft flannel and I had bought these tall socks from American Apparel that were thick and kept my feet warm (for a little whiles anyway). I HAD to wear a hat or my ears would have probably fallen off my face. When I put it on, Brian said to me, “You look like a homeless person in that hat.” HAHAHA. Look how much I followed his advice. I wore it anyways. So now I will think of that every time I wear it and smile. Scroll down for a TON of outfit pics and extra goodies from our adventure day. Enjoy!

[hat: zara / top: madewell borrowed from Morgan / jeans: bdg / socks: AA / boots: steve madden]

Morgan capturing us at work again!

Lua was having the time of her life. Sand on nose = joy

I heart many things, but the beach, and these types of trips are high on that list.

Morgan drove us around in her super old and amazing Land Rover. Since the roads were a mess, this allowed us to venture more! It was a rocky ride. I was fascinated by all the old moving parts in the car and the color of it. Perfect beach cruiser.

This is by far one of my fav photos I have taken of Morgan. I just HAD to share!

After a long day of being outside in the cold, we cozied up with a tea back at the house and watched the sunset. Breathtakingly beautiful.

photos by Morgan and Brian

Orange Fever

January 24, 2011

Today I am excited to be guest posting for my dear friend Andrea from Blonde Bedhead. She is cruising somewhere warm, and sunny and we are all jealous! So today I bring you and ode to her. I wanted to style this sweater since we both own the same exact one (I copied her since this was too cozy and slouchy to pass up). It’s funny because I JUST wore these things separately and love how they came together in this look. My orange obsession is intensified here with the scarf and socks. I’ll keep this short and sweet and let you hop over to Andrea’s blog to check out my guest post. More pictures from my weekend with Morgan next up!

[scarf: anthro / sweater + socks: AA / shorts: uo / boots: calvin klein / sunnies: marc jacobs c/o shopbop]